On Friday 13th October students at Northgate High school were treated to a visit from acclaimed author Nigel Hinton after winning a prize draw from the School Libraries Association.

Nigel Hinton is the author of over twenty novels including Buddy, which was adapted for TV by the BBC, and his most recent book, The Norris Girls. The author ran two talks for pupils in years 7, 8 and 9 providing tips for pupils writing their own stories, while telling engaging and incredibly humorous stories from his childhood, which he drew upon when writing his novels.

‘The pupils were absolutely hooked and it was fantastic to see them so enthralled, listening to Nigel discuss writing and reading. Students and staff alike have since come to see me to tell me how much they enjoyed his talk and we hope to use this enthusiasm as further momentum for the literacy work we do in school.’- Miss Ling, Literacy Librarian.