[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A day of terrible weather in the wind and rain did not deter the spirit of the race team/ engineers of the future. After months of assembling the car, getting it ready for the day it was clear to see why “Bluepower” impressed the judges and scrutineers form Lotus. The morning of arrival the team had to set up their racing paddock and register the car. This was a nail biting time as the scrutineers were very strict on their safety checks. We passed the inspection with flying colours and proceeded to the track for the practice hour. The car was entered in two of the races during the afternoon, once again a nervous time for the team in front of a crowd of spectators who were braving the elements. It was great to see our sponsors, Unity Education Trust and Dudgeon encouraging our drivers. As a team we were grateful of the support to receive the car and take it on as a school project.

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